Traveller Removal

What is Illicit Traveller Occupancy?

In a situation where a trespasser or a traveler settle in your land or property and occupy it illegally is referred to as illicit traveller occupancy. Often if a property is left vacant for an extended period without any supervision, there is a risk of traveller occupancy. When the landowner learns about such occupancy, they must initiate the process of traveller removal that settles this matter quickly without incurring expenses for the landowner.

What are the Options for Traveller Removal?

The initial step of traveller removal is to address the situation yourself granted that the travellers are neither hostile nor resistant to the idea of vacating the property. If the discussion solves the problem, it is an ideal case scenario. However, in most cases, the travellers are neither willing to leave the premises nor allow the actual owner to enter the premises or remove the traveller property from their homes or land. In this scenario, there are few options the landowner has.

More information on traveller removal

Under the common law provisions for the landowner, a Bailiff can be directed to take the possession of the land. In this process, formal approval of the court is not necessary, and the Bailiffs are authorized to use only minimal force. Usually, these services are offered by the Certified Enforcement Agents, who have the experience, knowledge, and understanding to deal with the matter using all the right resources available to them. The agents also have the means to inspect the premises to check for any damages because of the travellers. In most cases, the ideal solution is to follow the eviction using the enforcement agencies as they take less time to settle the dispute.

As a home or landowner, you can file a petition in court for removal of the traveller from your property. While litigation is the process that guarantees a resolution still people prefer not to use courts for settlement as eviction cases can go for a long time with multiple hearing all the while the landowner has to bear the attorney fees and other legal charges. So if there are any chances of removing the traveller outside of courts, it is better to follow that strategy.

You may also call in the law enforcement services, especially in cases where the travellers are hostile. However, the law enforcement officers will only work as an observer while you try to sort thing out and will keep a check if the traveller is carrying out any illegal activity from your property. The police officers will not intervene to forcibly remove the travellers unless the court sanction such use of force.

All in all, the process of travellers eviction can be a simple case of asking the traveller to leave your premises, or it can be a complex problem where the travellers refuse to leave the premises. You need to weigh in the options and select a strategy that will get you the best results in the shortest period without incurring significant expenses to manage the issue.